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SEO Central is your new in-house SEO expert, equipped with the power to take on the brunt of all those SEO-related tasks you hate, automatically. After you write your page content, SEO Central generates a meta title, meta description, and multiple keywords instantly. Spend more time focusing on your business by running your site with fully automated page optimization.

Now you have a 2-hour lunch break. Feels good.

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Meet your new in-house SEO expert

With a single click, SEO Central generates an optimized meta title, meta description, and multiple keywords, each recommended to help you rank based on your page content. No more keyword research, no more hiring expensive SEO experts. Just easy optimization.

SEO analysis

We actually do something about optimization alerts

But SEO Central does more than generate meta data and backend content. When there’s an optimization issue, we don’t just mark it with a sad face and call it a day—we show you exactly how to fix it. Write your site with the knowledge you need to rank.

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Keyword research done for you

SEO Central analyzes your page content to generate strategic primary and secondary keyword recommendations, providing the optimizations you need to quickly rise through the ranks.


SEO Central takes the pain out of page optimization

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Meta writing tool

Automatically generate optimized meta data based on page content – and then we apply it for you. 

Redirect manager

Avoid dead end links and ensure seamless user journeys.

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Multiple keyword analysis and phrase recommendations

Write the right words at the right time. Create content that makes an impact. 

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Social media post preview

Razor-sharp visibility over copy mistakes and formatting hiccups.

Internal linking suggestions

Strategically placed internal links let you tell the whole story—weave a fully connected site. 

Cornerstone content optimization

Tell Google which articles matter most. We’ll make sure you say it and say it loud and clear.  

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An SEO Central WordPress plugin? We're on it.

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You just finished writing a new page for your site. Now, you have two options: Spend the most tedious afternoon of your life trying to please your current SEO plugin, or let SEO Central optimize for you.

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Sign up for early bird pricing and save 25%.

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