Wordpress Plugin

The SEO Central WordPress plugin provides everything you need to run a fully optimized site, specifically designed with WP in mind. Instantly generate strategic meta data, run automated keyword research, leverage easy-to-follow optimization feedback to help your page rank quicker, and much more.

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Build your page. Optimize it in seconds.

With a single click, SEO Central generates an optimized meta title, meta description, and multiple keywords, each recommended to help you rank based on your page content. No more keyword research, no more hiring expensive SEO experts. Just easy optimization.

SEO analysis

We tell you exactly how to improve your SEO score

But SEO Central does more than generate meta data and backend content. When there’s an optimization issue, we don’t just mark it with a sad face and call it a day—we show you exactly how to fix it. Write your site with the knowledge you need to rank.

primary and secondary keyword boxes

Not sure what keyword to go after? We got you covered

SEO Central analyzes your page content to generate strategic primary and secondary keyword recommendations, providing the optimizations you need to quickly rise through the ranks.